Saturday, 22 June 2013

2013: Top 60 So Far (Part #1): Places 51-60

What a great musical year it is so far. Many beautiful and innovative albums have been released so far, making me spending extra time to listen most of them. So I've decided to summarise what I've heard until these days, counting down from 60 to the first places, so let's start right now:

Number 60: Phoenix - Bankrupt!

Who Are They? Four piece Alternative Rock band from France (5th Record)
Why? Because it seems and sounds like a bankrupt...

Listen: Entertainment
Number 59: The Strokes - Comedown Machine

Who Are They? Five Piece Alternative Rock Band From New York (5th record)
Why? Because they sound so tired of playing, like an old band refusing to retire.

Listen: All The Time
Number 58: Deerhunter - Monomania

Who Are They? Five Piece Indie Rock band from Atlanta (6th record)
Why? Because there is so much hype around them so I couldn't ignore

Listen: T.H.M
Number 57: Olof Arnalds - Sudden Elevation

Who Is She? An Icelandic Folk singer, who released her debut album in English (3rd record)
Why? Because of the sweet voice and the simple composition of pure beauty

Listen: Bright And Still
Number 56: Anais Mitchell And Jefferson Hamer - Child Ballads
Who Are They? A collaboration of two highly acclaimed American Folk singers (Debut album)
Why? Because of the concept album about lost child ballads
Listen: Tam Lin 
Number 55: Phosphorescent - Muchacho
Who Is He? An Indie-Folk American singer called Matthew Houck from Athens (7th album)
Why? Because of one of the most beautiful songs this year....
Listen: Song For Zula (Amazing....)
Number 54: Adam Green And Binki Shapiro - Adam Green And Binki Shapiro
Who Are They? A collaboration of two young Anti-Folk singers from New York (Debut album)
Why? Because the catchy melodies and 60's scent
Listen: Here I Am
Number 53: Sally Shapiro - Somewhere Else
Who Is She? A Swedish vocalist, who performs Italo-Disco and Synthpop (3rd album)
Why? Because Swedish doing Italo-Disco better...
Listen: Architectured Love
Number 52:Ed Harcourt - Back Into The Woods
Who Is He? An English multi-instrumentalist, who performs Barok and Chamber Pop (8th album)
Why? Because of the special effort of recording this album in six hours, alone!
Listen: The Man That Time Forgot
Number 51: Eels - Wonderful, Glorious
Who Are They? It's mainly Mark Oliver Everett, a multi-instrumentalist from California (10th album)
Why? Because he's still one of the best song writers ever...
Listen: Peach Blossom

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