Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bloodsports (Suede #2)

One of the joyful moments this week was opening the link that led to Suede's new album, Bloodsports, stream. I kind of liked the two singles they released earlier this year, especially Barriers, so I was expecting to hear the whole thing. After listening to it a few times, I can say without any doubt that Suede's are back! the ten years hiatus helped them to sharpen their skills and erase any sign which was left from the two last albums: Head Music (1999) and A New Morning (2002). Brett Anderson still sounds fantastic but the surprise comes from Richard Oakes, the guitarist who replaced founding member Bernard Butler. Finally, Oakes throw away the shadows of Butler by letting his guitar go wilder. In a few songs it's sounds like a part of Dog Man Star or Coming Up. If we add the perfect harmony between Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert and Neil Codling, we get the best album of this band since 1996. So here are three songs from the new album and two of earlier (good) times.

Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away (Taken From Bloodsports, 2013)
The Wild Ones (Taken From Dog Man Star, 1994)
Barriers  (Taken From Bloodsports, 2013)
Trash (Taken From Coming Up, 1996)
Always (Taken From Bloodsports, 2013)

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