Saturday, 23 March 2013

Keep The Faith: 20 Years To Depeche Mode's "Songs Of Faith And Devotion"

On 22 of March, 1993, Depeche Mode released their eighth album called Songs Of Faith And Devotion. As a teenager, it became one of the most inspiring album those days though I can still hear it today and get excited. Songs Of Faith And Devotion was the darkest album recorded yet by Depeche Mode, inspired by American Grunge such as Soundgarden, Nirvana and Jane's Addiction. The harmonious vocals of Dave Gahan and Martin Gore with Andy Fletcher and Alan Wilder (On his last album with the band) made an album who's looking for an answer to one of the modern age hardest question: "Who can we trust in the age of accelerated technology and decline of religion?" They try to figure out whether it's better to go back to Biblical stories (Such as Judas) or the person who tries to judge you (Walking In My Shoes). The legendary producer, Flood, helped them with that album and together they released a unique piece of art . For the 20th anniversary of that great album, it's a good time to remember five songs from back then.

Walking In My Shoes
In Your Room

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