Saturday, 6 April 2013

Stina Nordenstam

It seems that I've got some kind of Scandinavian spirit those days since that's the third Scandinavian artist that I'm writing about after Olof Arnalds and Olafur Arnalds. But this is all the similarity I can find between the Icelandic singers I mentioned above and Swedish Stina Nordenstam. That's been over nine years since we heard this great singer from Stockholm, who released 6 LP's between 1991-2004. Yes, She did guest vocals for some few songs of Nine Horses and Filur but she hasn't released something new by herself. It seems that she caught Baz Luhrmann's ears, who took her 1994 single, Little Star, to the soundtrack of Romeo + Juliet in 1996, giving us the opportunity to discover her beautiful music. Still, her music seems to be very close to what Bjork and Emilliana Torrini doing. For the ones who haven't heard about her (Yet...), here are five songs to start with... 

Little Star (Taken From And She Closed Her Eyes, 1994)

Trainsurfing (Featuring Brett Anderson, Taken From This Is Stina Nordenstam, 2001)
Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin cover version, Taken From People Are Strange, 1998)
Winter Killing (Taken From The World Is Saved, 2004)
  His Song (Taken From Memories Of A Colour, 1991)

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