Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sudden Elevation - Olof Arnalds [Review]

After writing about Olafur Arnalds' latest release named For Now I Am Winter, it's time to move on to his cousin, Olof Arnalds. This young Icelandic singer/songwriter has three LP's so far, the last one of them called Sudden Elevation, which was made available for purchasing in February 2013. While Olafur Arnalds is focusing at Neo-Classical elements together with Electronic and Ambient music, Olof Arnalds is an Indie-Folk kind of girl, playing charango and violins for a few Scandinavian acts such as wonderful Mum. Her last release is a mature one, based on her fragile voice and strings playing without any special studio productions. As such, it's as pure as her voice. The only problem I can see in that record is that after three songs it seems it's all the same... She should have tried different tunes in order not to bore her audience. So here you've got the opportunity to listen three songs from her last release and two from earlier ones. Hope you'll enjoy this five songs set

Album Rating: 6/10

German Fields (Taken From Sudden Elevation, 2013)
Surrender (Featuring Bjork, Taken From Innundir Skinni, 2010)
Treat Her Kindly (Taken From Sudden Elevation, 2013)
I Nyju Husi (Taken From Við Og Við, 2007)

Onwards And Upwards (Taken From Sudden Elevation, 2013)

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