Monday, 25 February 2013

Ed Harcourt

Edward Henry Richard Harcourt-Smith isn't a prince or king's name but the birth name of Ed Harcourt, a talented British singer-songwriter, who released his sixth studio album, Back Into The Woods (2013), today. He declared that it took him 6 hours to record the whole album, so I tried to listen to that release with that thought in the back of my mind. Back Into The Woods is an intimate, mature record of an artist who has got a lot of confidence in his talent. In contrast to all the over-produced albums which hide the lack of talent in some of the performing artists albums, Ed Harcourt took his piano and a few more instruments and made a beautiful album. It might not be ground-breaking but it's worth listening to. Now, take your time, make a hot cup of tea and listen to five songs of Ed Harcourt, three of them from Back Into The Woods.

Murmur In My Heart (Taken From Back Into The Wood, 2013)
When The Lost Don't Want To Be Found (Taken From Lustre, 2010)

Back Into The Woods (Taken From Back Into The Woods, 2013)

Revolution In The Heart (Taken From The Beautiful Lie, 2006)
The Man That Time Forgot (Taken From Back Into The Wood, 2013)

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