Saturday, 14 September 2013

Emiliana Torrini

I fell in love with Emiliana Torrini's music, an Icelandic singer-songwriter, when I listened to her debut English album Love In The Times Of Science (1999). Her voice was perfectly fitting to the Trip-Hop rhythm of that album. Since then she became more close to Indie-Folk but still leaving her soft, partly-broken voice marks on some wonderful songs and covers. I was pretty excited to discover that she released a new album, her Sixth so far, which continues in some way the musical direction of her earlier 2008's release, Me And Armini. Those of you who love beautiful ballads and Acoustic Folk songs would love this new release. And for those of you who missed her so far, here are five reasons to go back and listen to her discography.

Gollum's Song (The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers OST, 2002)
Speed Of Dark (Tookah, 2013)
Birds (Me And Armini, 2008)
Animal Games (Tookah, 2013)
To Be Free (Love In The Times Of Science, 1999)

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