Monday, 25 March 2013

Martha (Pick Word #22)

Martha was a biblical figure who lived in Bethany near Jerusalem. She had one brother, Lazarus, and one sister named Mary. Her story in the Bible was written about her request of Jesus to come and heal dying Lazarus. Jesus has arrived to Bethany a few days after Lazarus died but he raised him from the dead in one of the famous miracle stories in the Bible. Later on, according to the Provencal Golden Legend, Martha came to Tarascon, helping the population there to fight a scary monster which threatened them for a long time. Finally, she died and buried there. Many songs where written about "The Mistress" (That's the Hebrew meaning of the name Martha), so I've collected five of them for you, as part of Name The Girl project, sung by Lisa Hannigan, The Innocence Mission, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jefferson Airplane and All About Eve...

Lisa Hannigan - Martha (Tom Waits cover version)
The Innocence Mission - Martha Avenue Love Song (Taken From Befriended, 2003)
The Smashing Pumpkins - For Martha (Taken From Adore, 1998)
Jefferson Airplane - Martha (Taken From After Bathing At Baxter's, 1967)
All About Eve - Martha's Harbour (Taken From All About Eve, 1988)

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