Thursday, 12 September 2013


When Pixies published on June 2013, that vocalist and bassist Kim Deal has officially left the band, it seems that it's the end of one of the most influental bands since their debut Surfer Rosa in 1988. Nothing prepares me to the surprise called Bagboy, the first new single in ten years that was released shortly after Deal's departure and the wonderful 5 songs EP named simply EP-1. Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and Kim Shattuck sound as refreshing as they sounded in the 90's. I picked two songs from the new EP: Bagboy and beautiful Indie Cindy and three songs that I love from their earlier releases.

Where is My Mind (Surfer Rosa, 1988)

Indie Cindy (EP1, 2013)
Wave Of Mutilation (Doolittle, 1989)
Bagboy (EP1, 2013)
Ana (Bossanova, 1990)

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