Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bandcloud #3 - June 2014

After a great weekend, listening to new music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, here are my recommendations: Los Angeles based, bedroom pop group called TV Girl; The Death Of Pop, A five piece Shoegaze band from Bournemouth, UK; A release by Indie Rock band, Scenic Route to Alaska from Edmonton, CA; Psyche Pop from San Francisco by Sandy's; Sia with a new track from her forthcoming album; Surprising Electro tune from Philippines by Lukey Niz and friends; A song from the early years of Insomniac Folklore from Portland and Little Ghost from Shorpshire, UK

1. TV Girl - The Blonde (French Exit)
2. The Death of Pop - Whenever (Fifths)
3. Scenic Route to Alaska - Fall (Warrington)
4. Sandy's - Lonely Hunter (Fourth Dementia)
5. Sia - Eye of the Needle (1000 Forms of Fear)
6. Lukey Niz (Feat. Tia Capuano and Jimmy Boombox) - All That Remains (V3)
7. Insomniac Folklore - Ghosts of Friends who are Still Alive (The Early Years)
8. Little Ghost - Apart (Queen Bee)

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