Friday, 27 June 2014

Bandcloud #4 - June 2014

After a short break, it's time to continue exploring new music. So today you can meet Iris Claire from Sweden; Hazey Shoegaze Trio called Flocks from Melbourne, Australia; The Georgia Sand's Folky sound from Los Angeles; Promising Rainy Day Women from Perth; Amazingly beautiful song by Ramly from Beirut, Lebanon; Bad Suns from Woodland Hills and The Hydrothermal Vents from Quebec.

1. Iris Claire - Invisible Control (In the Dark EP)
2. Flocks - Health (Flocks)
3. The Georgia Sand - High Places (EP Part1)
4. Rainy Day Women - Mars 
5. Ramly - Beacon Hill
6. Bad Suns - We Move Like the Ocean 
7. The Hydrothermal Vents - Hanz (Secrets of the Deep)

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