Sunday, 14 October 2012

Carnival (Pick word #1)

Carnival is a festive season occurs usually on February all around the globe. It usually involves public celebrations on street, wearing masks and preforming some sorts of dance and musical shows. Carnival has fascinated some of the artists below, so here are five songs written on it from different prespectives. Enjoy

1) Mark Lanegan - Carnival (Taken from Whiskey For The Holy Ghost, 1994)

In 5 words: King of pain visits carnival
Favourite line: For girls are sad in their eyes, They're all standin' around being hypnotised

2) The Cardigans - Carnival (Taken from Life, 1995)

In 5 words: Such fun to party with Nina Persson
Favourite line: Carnival came by my town today, Bright lights from giant wheels

3) Tim Buckley - Carnival Song (Taken from Goodbye And Hello, 1967)

In 5 words: Such a great lose, what a song
Favourite line: The singer cries for people's lies, He will sing for the day to bring him night

4) David Byrne - Carnival Eyes (Taken from Rei Momo, 1989)

In 5 words: Life of a carnival girl
Favourite line: Carnival girl, where do those eyes come from? What is inside there? So far away

5) Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Taken from Tigerlily, 1995)

In 5 words: Feels like in Brazil's carnival
Favourite line: I've walked these streets, In a spectacle of wealth and poverty

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