Monday, 12 August 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #4 - 5 Things You Should Hear

Keeping up with the Bandcamp project, I find it very joyful. Last week, I decided to "dig" for some new tunes, hoping it may give you an opportunity to listen to stuff which could have escaped from your ear... so let's go...

Cherokee Fade - Creek Don't Rise

The Folk duo from "Coastmazing California" released a beautiful album on 8th of August. It gave me the feeling of wandering in wild America, listening to those harmonies sang by Kevin Elliot and Erin Rose. Great album to start the week with

Roughberry - Glass Tree

From sunny California to the dark places of Trip-Hop in London, I found this band led by Sara Rioja. They are making dark yet communicative Trip Hop, which reminded me the spirit of Bristol in the previous Millennium.

Jonathan Atkins - Voices & Vices Volume I

After listenning to the latest release of Jonathan Atkins, a multi-instrumentalist from Mississauga, who produces bittersweet Folk music, I was amazed to discover he's unsigned (yet...). I hope that someone in the industry will hear him soon, because he might become a fine artist.

Red Nightfall - Late In The Fever

Red Nightfall are an Indie Rock quartet from Toronto who released their latest EP last week. I think it's awesome and tasteful as a good record should be made.

MagU - High Sugar Moons

Ending this tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina with MagU. I tried to find more information about her/them but it seems that they haven't published anything yet. This album is a mixture of Indie Folk and Dream Pop with acoustic atmosphere which make it perfect for sunny days and full moon nights

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