Wednesday, 26 September 2012

15 Years For Portishead's "Portishead"

After a great debut album called Dummy, We needed to wait about three years to hear its follower, Portishead, which was darker than the first one (Didn't think it was possible then...). Beth Gibbons (Vocals and Guitar), Adrian Utley (Bass, Guitar and Keyboards) and Jeoff Barrow (Multi-instumentalist, DJ and producer) made a great effort to bring us one more mysterious album and it worked. So here are five songs which I chose from that record, almost 15 years after its release on 30th September, 1997.

1) Only You

In 5 Words: Gibbons left the ciggarettes behind here
Favourite Line: "We Suffer everyday, what is it for; These crimes of illusion are fooling us all"

2) Cowboys

In 5 Words: Feels like looking at Marlboro's cowboy
Favourite Line: "Did you feed us tales of deceit, conceal the tongues who need to speak?"

3) Undenied

In 5 Words: Plan and simple quiet love song
Favourite Line: "Now that I've found you and seen behind those eyes, how can I carry on"

4) Half Day Closing

In 5 Words: Gibbons' filtered voice sounds great
Favourite Line: "In the days, the golden days, when everybody knew what they wanted; It ain't here today"

5) Western Eyes

In 5 Words: Fictional loops of fictional band
Favourite Line: "With Western eyes and serpent's breath, we lay our own conscience to rest"

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