Sunday, 24 March 2013

Delta Machine (Depeche Mode #2)

After celebrating 20 years anniversary to fabulous Songs Of Faith And Devotion, it's time to move on to Delta Machine, the 13th album by Depeche Mode, which will be released on 26th of March, 2013. In contrast to the Rock and Grunge influences in Songs Of Faith And Devotion, Delta Machine is more Electronic and Dance oriented album. As such, it could be a very pleasing album if we were speaking about a new artist or band, but not for Depeche Mode. I must admit that I liked some of the tracks in the album, especially Alone and My Little Universe, which sounds great but as a whole it's quite disappointing to have such album from the veteran Trio consists of Dave Gahan, Martin Gore And Andy Fletcher. I'll let you judge it by yourselves, meanwhile here are five songs of Depeche Mode, Three of them from the last release.

Heaven (Taken From Delta Machine, 2013)

It's No Good (Taken From Ultra, 1997)

My Little Universe (Taken From Delta Machine, 2013)

Shake The Disease (Taken From Singles 81-85, 1985)

Alone (Taken From Delta Machine, 2013)

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