Friday, 26 October 2012

Foxes (Pick Word #3)

We all born and raise on stories like Little Red Cap where the red fox (Known as Vulpes Vulpes) plays the role of the bad character. Suffering from a bad public relations along history, the fox is not that bad as it was drown in our childhood. There are about 12 kinds of species which we can define as "True foxes", some of them had been domesticated by human beings. I searched and found a wide range of songs related to them and chose only five, as usual... You can find more songs about animals on Animal Kingdom section.....

1) Yellow Ostrich - Dimitri's Foxes (Taken From Wild Comfort, 2009)

In 5 words: Great beat for uncomplicated song
Favourite Line: We are not foxes anymore

2) The Bolshoi - Foxes (Taken From A Way: Best Of The Bolshoi, 1999)

In 5 words: They are not dancing Ballet for sure
Favourite Line: Out in the woods for a breath of fresh air. Picked up a leaf, turned 'round and she was there

3) Susanne Sundfør - White Foxes (Taken From The Silicone Veil, 2012)

In 5 words: An amazing blood-freezing ballad
Favourite Line: You gave me my very first gun, I'll go out and hunt the hidden dome with white foxes freeze

4) Moby - Flying Foxes (Taken From Play: The B Sides, 2000)

In 5 words: Great mixture of voices from the world
Favourite Line: [Instrumental]

5) Cocteau Twins - Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires  (Taken From Heaven Or Las Vegas, 1990)

In 5 words: Sounds like closer to heaven
Favourite Line: Things old and young, very young rise here from our reason. New skies are a young escape to find you

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