Saturday, 12 January 2013

How To Destroy Angels

I'm pretty curious about the forthcoming release of How To Destroy Angels, called Welcome Oblivion, which will appear on March 2013. That's because it's the main effort of Trent Reznor to formulate a new post Nine Inch Nails group which features his wife Mariqueen Maandig, former Nine Inch Nails producer, Atticus Ross, winner of the academy award for best score for The Social Network and Rob Sheridan, an art director who worked with NIN. After releasing two EP's, it's time to hear a full length album, meanwhile here're five songs of this interesting act

1) The Space In Between (Taken From How To Destroy Angels EP, 2010)

2) Keep It Together (Taken From An Omen EP, 2012)


3) Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Taken From Girl With Dragon Tattoo OST, 2011)

4) Ice Age (Taken From An Omen EP, 2012)


5) A Drowning (Taken From How To Destroy Angels EP, 2010)

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