Wednesday, 6 February 2013

February Playlist 2013 Week #5

We're close to this first weekend of February and it's time to explore some new tracks which were released this week. You can Find here big names such as My Bloody Valentine (!!!) and Eels along with Adam Green And Binki Shapiro, Widowspeak and Night Beds. Hopiny you'd like it either.

My Bloody Valentine - Only Tomorrow (Taken From MBV, 2013)


Widowspeak - Thick As Thieves (Taken From Almanac, 2013)


Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - Just To Make Me Feel Good (Taken From Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, 2013)


Night Beds - Ramona (Taken From Country Sleep, 2013)


Eels - Peach Blossom (Taken From Wonderful, Glorious, 2013)

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