Friday, 22 March 2013

Where Is My Mind: 25 Years To Pixies' "Surfer Rosa"

Boston is not a well-known musical city, especially when you speak about Alternative Rock or Noise, but Pixies started their career there. On 21st of March, 1988, 25 years ago, they released their first full length album called surfer Rosa. The four members of the band were Frank Black (Vocals and guitar), Joey Santiago (Leading guitar), Kim Deal (Bass and vocals) and David Lovering (drums) and they recorded that album for only two weeks with the producer Steve Albini. The album got few good critics but hasn't earn a high recognition in the mainstream charts while only Gigantic was ranked on the 93rd place... Only few years after, they started to gain recognition for their efforts: Kurt Cobain said he was influenced by this album, which made him to contact Steve Albini in order to produce Nirvana's In Utero, Where Is My Mind was the ending theme of brilliant movie called Fight Club and even legendary David Bowie covered Cactus in his Heathen album. So for the 25 anniversary of that great debut album, here are five moments from it

Where Is My Mind
Break My Body
Tony's Theme

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