Monday, 12 November 2012

Tanita Tikaram

24 years have passed since the release of Tanita Tikaram's debut album called Ancient Heart. That album helped her to expand her audience, providing two well-received singles, Good Tradition and Twist In My Sobriety. After the success of her first album, she never managed to reproduce another album in the same critical level. The result was long years of silence between albums, which haven't got the opportunity to chart. Now, 7 years after her previous release called Sentimental (1995), Tanita Tikaram released brand new album, which hasn't got much attention at the media so far. I Listened to it a few times and it is not bad at all. In fact, there are some songs that are well produced while emphasising her deep voice. So here are three tracks (One of them with faboulos Grant Lee Philips) from the album called Can't Go Back, featuring two of her earlier songs. Worth listening, preferably at night time...

1) Rock n' Roll (Taken From Can't Go Back, 2012)

Favourite Line: I've never heard about you, all that I know is Rock n' Roll

2) Feeding The Witches (Taken From Lovers In The City, 1995)

Favourite Line: Since I've been feeding the witches, feeding them straw


3) Keep It Real (Taken From Can't Go Back, 2012)

Favourite Line: You keep it real like I'm someone else

4) Twist In My Sobriety (Taken From Ancient Heart, 1988)

Favourite Line: All God's children needs travelling shoes, drive your problems from here


5) Heavy Pressure (Taken From Can't Go Back, 2012)

Favourite Line: Love is a heavy pressure when you're going to places

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