Saturday, 4 May 2013

New Toughts: 10 Years To Blur's "Think Tank"

When Blur, the highly acclaimed four piece band from London, started their recording sessions in 2001, they didn't know that it would be the last album of them together. All the four founding members, Damon Albarn (Vocals), Graham Coxon (Guitar and backing vocals), Alex James (Bass) and Dave Rowntree (Drums) have been together since high school, but Graham Coxon was deeply involved with alcoholism, what  made him leave the recordings after a while. The three members then recorded without their leading guitarist, a thing that you can notice when you hear the album at the first time, when you're looking for the guitar melodies in the songs (except of Battery In Your Leg, the only song he played in at this album. The result is more Electronic, Damon's voice based and a few clues for things that Damon Albarn will do in the next decade with Gorillaz, The Good The Bad And The Queen and more. It's also more Political with references to the invasion to Afghanistan and an anti-war declarations that you can recognise on the album cover. 10 years after the release of the seventh album of Blur (Released on 5th of May, 2003), I can still find here some magical moments, five of them are featured below.

Album Rating: 8/10

Out Of Time
Battery In Your Leg
On The Way To The Club
Sweet Song

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