Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Specter At The Feast - Black Rebel Motorcycle [Review]

When Black Rebel Motorcycle Club released their debut album BRMC in 2001, they sounded like the big next thing mixing inspirations ranging from The Verve to Neo-Psychedelia. But the promise had never came true and the next albums sounded pretty much the same. That's what takes me to the seventh release of the band. Specter At The Feast, which was released 18 of March, 2013, should be listened as a goodbye from a close person, That person is Michael Been, the sound engineer of the band and also The Call former leader and the father of the bass player, Robert Levon Been. The band mates, Peter Hayes and Leah Shapiro, gather together and wrote an album of mourning, adopting more realistic standpoint. I found the album very joyful, maybe because it was made from the bottom of the heart. So put your motorcycle jackets on and let's dive through five songs of that angry rebels.

Album Rating: 8/10

Let The Day Begin (Taken From Specter At The Feast, 2013)
Not What You Wanted (Taken From Baby 81, 2007)
Lose Yourself (Taken From Specter At The Feast, 2013)
Love Burns (Taken From B.R.M.C, 2001)
Angel Baby (Taken From Specter At The Feast, 2013, bonus track, cover version of Rosie And The Originals)

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