Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #2 - 5 Things You Should Hear

Only lately I started to discover the magic of Bandcamp. Since it's so wonderful and contains endless creators and music styles, I decided to "dig" for some new tunes, hoping it may give you an opportunity to listen to stuff which could have escaped from your ear... so let's go...

Royal Teeth - Act Naturally EP

This six piece Indie Dance Pop from Louisiana are about to release their debut LP called Glow on the 13th of August. Meanwhile you can enjoy this EP and the wonderful voice of Nora Patterson and the other guys there

Tape Waves - Tape Waves EP

Coming from Charleston, South Carolina, Tape Waves are an Indie Dream Pop duo consists of Jarod Weldin and Kim Hart. Their EP is beautifully produced and might give you some minutes of relaxation

Natasha Kmeto - Crisis

Natasha Kmeto's new LP called Crisis is an interesting mixture of influences ranging from Minimal Ambient to Elctro-Dance and R n' B. It was released last June and can help you chill out some hot days

True Widow - Circumambulation

True Widow are maybe familier to some of you because they are working around for a few years, but I discovered this Indie Shoegaze Trio from Dallas, Texas while I was wandering between Bandcamp's pages. Solid music and rythem

Landfork - Nights At The Kashmir Burlesk 

Landfork's album is one of the most surprising things you can only find on Bandcamp. An intimate Dream Indie Pop album which was made by an unknown (yet...) artist. Those of you who are experimental enough to get into the Kashmir Burlesk will spend some joyful nights with it.

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