Sunday, 29 September 2013

Is This Desire? 15 Years To PJ Harvey Album

On the 28th of September, 1998, PJ Harvey, the English Alternative Rock singer released her fourth studio album, Is This Desire?. That album came out about three years after her highly acclaimed To Bring You My love and the fans expected her to follow the musical route of its successful previous. Because of those expectations, some of them were pretty disappointed with the fact that PJ Harvey made a record which is more Electronic and atmospheric in comparison to her earlier releases. The reviews were mixed but PJ Harvey was proud in her work, which helped her step towards unknown musical experiments with the help of Flood, Mick Harvey, John Parish and others. 15 years after, this album still sounds fantastic, take a few minutes to listen to five of them

The Garden
A Perfect Day Elise
Is This Desire

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