Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bandcloud #1 - June 2014

Here are some great songs I've found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp: Seabeds, A folk-Rock group from Hamburg, Germany; Paul 'O' with Dream Folk Ballad from Ireland; French For Rabbits' Dream Pop from New Zealand; Dark Trip Hop from Greece by Kognitif; Indie Folk from San Diego by The Midnight Pine; French Indie Pop from Belgium By April March & Aquaserge and Beautiful Acoustic Folk by Bright Season. Enjoy

1. Seabeds - Ronja & Noah (Seabeds)
2. Paul O' - Fireflies (Fireflies)
3. French For Rabbits - Goat (Goat/The other side)
4. Kognitif - Strange Day (My Space World)
5. The Midnight Pine - Always (Buried)
6. April March & Aquaserge - J'entends Des Voix (April March & Aquaserge)
7. Bright Season - Bonny Boy (Bright Season)

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