Wednesday, 26 September 2012

She Keeps Bees

Good Morning

Today's artist is the Brooklyn based Duo called She Keeps Bees. The Dou, which consists of Jessica Larrabee (Vocals, guitar) and Andy LaPlant (Drums, production), released 3 full length albums since 2006, but haven't got the real appreciation they deserve for the Blues-Rock songs they produce. So here are 5 great songs, enjoy

1) Release (Taken from Nests, 2009)

In 5 words: White Stripes on Ritalin peels
Best Line: "Ain't nobody gonna tell me where to put my well, I gonna dig wherever I need to"

2) Cuddle Alone feat. Sharon Van-Etten (Taken from Let's Kiss And Make Up)

In 5 Words: Sharon Van-Etten comes to visit
Best Line: Couldn't decide...

3) Fringed Bleeding Heart (Taken From Minisink Hotel, 2006)

In 5 Words: Can't believe this is home-recording
Best Line: "Keep your chest close and hollow, the beating give new ways to rest to your father who needs his rest"

4) Make You My Moon (Taken From Dig On, 2011)

In 5 Words: Dark night under the moonlight
Best Line: "Swirling everything around me as if I'd make you my moon"

5) Cage Match (Taken from Minisink Hotel, 2006)

In 5 Words: If Eddie Vedder Was A Girl....
Best Line: "The Well's Run dry while you're dipping for more, and the denial you choose to adorn is making our drought longer for sure" 

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