Friday, 21 September 2012

10 years for Beck Hansen's "Sea Change"

On the 24th of September it would be 10 years since Beck Hansen released his highly appreciated album called Sea Change (2002). The album was written after he broke up with his fiancee, Leigh Limon which cheated on him with a member of Whiskey Biscuit band. Nigel Godrich, which is known for his works with Radiohead had produced that album. The acustic sound was very different of what Beck has done and it was compared to Nick Drake's work and to Bob Dylan's albums from the 70's. So here are the 5 tracks which I like most from this album

1) Lonesome Tears

In 5 words: Breathe taking piece of art.
Favourite line: "Lonesome tears, I can't cry them anymore, I can't think of what they're for, Oh they're ruin me everytime"

2) Lost Cause

In 5 words: Brave and honest break-up song
Favourite line: "I'm tired of fighting, tired of fighting for a lost cause"

3) Round The Bend

In 5 words: I thought Nick Drake's alive
Favourite line: "We don't have to worry, life goes where it does; Faster than a bullet, from an empty gun"

4) Sunday Sun

In 5 words: Surprisingly electric and noisy one
Favourite line: "There's no other ending, Sunday sun"

5) The Golden Age

In 5 words: Great trip to an American night
Favourite line: "Put your hand on the wheel, let the golden age begin; Let the window down, feel the moonlight on your skin"

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