Monday, 7 January 2013


WOW! It seems that 2013 would be a year of comebacks, especially for Brit-Pop music. Suede, one of my favourite bands, would release a new album after 11 years called Bloodsports. I must admit that I loved to hear their first two albums with guitarist Bernard Butler, but I still admire Brett Anderson voice, the harmonically synchronised rhythm of Mat Osman (Bass) and Simon Gilbert (Drums) and the thrilling guitarist Richard Oakes. Neil Codling is the the only part I don't like their, maybe because of the show I've seen, where he played without any desire and seems bored for most of the show. OK, It's time to pick five, only five songs by Suede and it's not an easy task, but when their album will be out, I'll have another opportunity to choose again.... So here are four songs and the new one!

1) So Young (Taken From Suede, 1993)


2) We Are The Pigs (Taken From Dog Man Star, 1994)


3) By The Sea (Taken From Coming Up, 1996)


4) My Insatiable One (Taken From Sci-Fi Lullabies, 1997)

5) Barriers (Taken From Forthcoming Album, Bloodsports, 2013)

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