Friday, 4 July 2014

Bandcloud #5- July 2014

July is knocking on the door and I'm pleased to welcome it with seven new songs. Starting with Comet Gain and moving to Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, a haunting English Folk duo; New song by Veteran Spoon from Austin; Shel, an Alternative Folk-Pop group from Nashville; A wonderful song by Bon Iver for a film; A song by Los Angeles Based Duo, Merrick and Trip Hop tune by The Shattered Grey. Enjoy....

1. Comet Gain - "Sad Love" and Other Short Stories (Paperback Ghosts)
2. Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - Greenboots/ Don't Wanna Know (Live in Calstock)
3. Spoon - Do You (They Want My Soul)
4. Shel - When The Sky Fell
5. Bon Iver - Heavenly Father (Wish I Was Here OST)
6. Merrick - Miniature Brides (Drive Around)
7. The Shattered Grey w/Ice Fox - Pas De Deux (Someplace not Here, Sometime not Now)

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