Friday, 28 September 2012

15 Years To The Verve's "Urban Hymns"

Sometimes it's unbelievable how time goes by so fast. It seems that only yesterday I watched The Verve's brilliant video clip of Bitter sweet Symphony, in which Richard Ashcroft walks on London pavement without paying any attention to what's going on around him. It was the kick start of the most successful album of this band which was formed on 1989, at Wigan. Besides Richard Ashcroft (Leading Vocals), the band consists of other four members that time: Nick McCabe (Guitar), Simon Jones (Bass guitar), Simon Tong (Additional guitars) and Peter Slisbury (Drums). After this great album they broke-up for the second time until release of Forth on 2008 (Then they broke-up again...). So here are five moments from that great album of one of the main bands at the Brit-pop era.

1) Sonnet

In 5 Words: Orchestral movements in the dark
Favourite Line: "Yes, there's love if you want it, don't sound like no sonnet, my lord"

2) Bitter sweet Symphony

In 5 Words: Best Oasis style song they made...
Favourite Line: "Trying to make ends meet, You're a slave to money then you die"

3) The Drugs Don't Work

In 5 Words: The most beautiful song written by them
Favourite Line: "Now the drugs don't work, they just make you worse, but I know I'll see your face again"

4) Weeping Willow

In 5 Words: Hoping the pills will stay there
Favourite Line: "Weeping willow, the pills under my pillow"

5) Lucky Man

In 5 Words: Optimistic song in a gloomy record
Favourite Line: "But how many corner do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn all the love I have is in my mind?"

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