Sunday, 28 October 2012


When I first heard Archive's music it was late at night before the end of the last millennium. A friend of mine stuck his headphones in my ears swearing that Londinium is a masterpiece undiscovered yet. I was too tired that night so the sounds slipped through my head before I fell asleep without paying appropriate attention to their music. When Lights (2006) was released, I got back to them and It was great to discover this Progressive-Rock Trip-Hop collective. Last week I've noticed that they released their ninth studio album called With Us Until You're Dead (2012). Surprisingly, I've found out that it was out for sale since 27th of August and then I realised that it lacked public relations because it was released by their independent label called Dangervisit. So here are five songs by this great collective, two of them from the last release, enjoy.

1) Sane (Taken From Lights, 2006)

In 5 words: Can't help but dancing when I hear it
Favourite Line: Television's dead but you can't stop taking it in

2) Hatchet 
(Taken From With Us Until You're Dead, 2012)

In 5 words: Don't let her hold that hatchet.....
Favourite Line: If I had an army, it would be yours to have. People think I'm crazy but the pain is worth the pain

3) Bridge Scene (Taken From Michel Vaillant OST, 2003)

In 5 words: A beautiful look from a bridge
Favourite Line: I can't help but love the way you move

4) Damage (Taken From With Us Until You're Dead, 2012)

In 5 words: Progressive Rock mixed very well
Favourite Line: Cuts show nothing at all, scars show nothing at all, Damage shows nothing at all

5) Last Five (Taken From Londinium, 1996)

In 5 words: Don't miss Roya Arab's hidden track
Favourite Line: Hell was a place I knew a long time ago. Everything was dark, there were mazes all around

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