Thursday, 1 November 2012

Storm (Pick Word #4)

The horrible storm Sandy caused a Hugh damage to the East coast a few days ago. It seems that it would take the citizens a while to understand the scale of destruction that it caused. Since my thoughts were with the people who suffered this great disaster, I managed to listen to songs about storms. Here are five which I've chosen. Hoping you'd like it.

1) Jose Gonzalez - Storm (Taken from Crosses, 2003)

In 5 words: Waiting for the storm to over
Favourite Line: All the stars are burning (for you), but none of them is going to last, so stop chasing the past

2) AARON - Birds In The Storm
(Taken from Birds In The Storm)

In 5 words: How birds survive this storm?
Favourite Line: We're on our way to see the world, and all we are is birds in the storm

3) Mirah - Storm (Taken from Storageland, 1997)

In 5 words: Should have listen to the radio first....
Favourite Line: The storm blew in all over me. Maybe it's just a minor injury but my fingers and my head are rather tired

4) I Am Kloot - Storm Warning (Taken from Natural History, 1999)

In 5 words: Don't know whether it's storm or not....
Favourite Line: I would have kept you free from harm, ranged the bells or raised alarms

5) Hungry Lucy - Storm (Taken from Glo, 2003)

In 5 words: Great dreamy Trip-Hop song
Favourite Line: Wind carries me away to the place I want to be

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