Monday, 8 October 2012


I must admit that I like Elbow's music. I love the Dramatic tempo as well as Guy Garvey's voice. This band which paved its way from one of Manchester's suburbs, consists of Richard Jupp (Drums), Craig Potter (Keyboards), Mark Potter (Guitar and backing vocals), Pete Turner (Bass and backing vocals) and Garvey of course.
Dead in the boot was released on 28th of August and contains some of Elbow's track which didn't make it to one of their albums. B-sides albums always put me in a suspicious point of view because it seems to me as another way to make money when the inspiration runs dry... Elbow is not that kind of band. Since their beautiful debut album until this one they made a great progress which gave them appropriate appreciation when they won the Mercury prize for the album The Seldom Seen Kid on 2008. Dead in the boot brings us some more magical moments from Elbow and an opportunity to memorise some songs they made along the way.

1) Scattered Black And Whites (Taken from Asleep in the back, 2001)

In 5 words: A little scent of faraway home
Favourite Line: I come back here from time to time, I shelter here some days

2) Buffalo Ghosts (Taken from Dead in the boot, 2012)

In 5 words: Diasporic gaze on wild America
Favourite Line: Buffalo ghosts, hurtle slow on blue, The journey makes me taller, the journey brings me you

3) Leaders Of The Free World (Taken from Leaders of the free world, 2005)

In 5 words: Probably will be actual for a long time
Favourite Line: But the leaders of the free world are just little boys throwing stones

4) Buttons And Zips (Taken from Cast of thousands, 2003)

In 5 words: Sad tale about friendship and growing up
Favourite Line: Cath was my all and every day, She married in May...

5) The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver (Taken from The seldom seen kid, 2008)

In 5 words: One of loneliness best songs ever
Favourite Line: I must have been working the ropes, When your hand slipped from mine

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