Saturday, 10 November 2012

Well Kept Secret: 25 Years To David Sylvian's "Secrets of the Beehive"

If there was a prize given to the most tormented singer, it seems that David Sylvian, formerly the leading singer of Japan, would be one of the strong candidates (EELS and Mark Kozelek). 25 years ago, on 7th of November, 1987, he released his highly acclaimed fourth album called Secrets of The Beehive. Mostly acoustic and down-tempo, Sylvian draws beautiful songs coloured by his wonderful voice, taking the listener into a magical world of Mythological characters and beautiful landscape. I've chosen five songs of that album, but my favourite, Orpheus, became one of his greatest hits so you must hear it at least....

1) September 

In 5 words: Feeling the cold wind blowing through
Favourite line: We say that we're in love while secretly wishing for rain

2) Orpheus

In 5 words: Great mythological metaphors of Orpheus
Favourite line: But we feel secure against such mighty dreams, as Orpheus sings of the promise tomorrow may bring


3) The Boy With The Gun

In 5 words: Staring at the barrel of a gun
Favourite line: A grudge held from his childhood days, as if life had loved him less


4) Promise (The Cult Of Eurydice)

In 5 words: Silent ballad to fall asleep with
Favourite line: And when the lightning starts the secrets in her heart merge within the rain patterns

5) When Poets dreamed of angels

In 5 words: An unsolved question about poets' dreams
Favourite line: When the poets dreamed of angels what did they see?

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