Saturday, 16 February 2013

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

I must admit that I'm not the most addicted fan in the world of Nick Cave's music. Although he released great songs along the years, I've never found the time to listen to a whole album of him with The Bad Seeds. When They released Push The Sky Away (2013) last week, I listened to the stream at The Guardian web site and suddenly I understood that I missed a great band along the time. This album is the first without the founding member Mick Harvey, but it seems that they got over his departure. Along with Barry Adamson, Martin Casey, Warren Ellis, Conway Savage, Jim Sclavunos and Thomas Wydler, The Bad Seeds made a great album which sounds like a coming storm, which is waiting to demolish everything. Before all hell falls down, we can meet the Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds trying to push those grey skies away, although there is a lot of dirt in this world. Listening to this album is like a spiritual event and it's very recommended. Of course, that gave me an opportunity to go back to their songs from the past 14 albums, so here are five of their best.

Mermaids (Taken From Push The Sky Away, 2013)

Henry Lee
(Taken From Murder Ballads, 1996, Featuring PJ Harvey)


Jubilee Street (Taken From Push The Sky Away, 2013)

The Ship Song (Taken From The Good Son, 1990)

Higgs Boson Blues (Taken From Push The Sky Away, 2013)


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