Monday, 25 February 2013

Postcards (Pick Word #14)

These days we can see that all forms of communication are in rapid change. What was once impossible to achieve is getting easier day by day. In the past, when we wanted to tell someone far away about our feelings, he should have waited few days or even weeks until he got the letter. Today we can reach each other by mili-seconds by sending an Email to the other's smartphone. I think that we lost some of the excitement in waiting while the speed of communication (and life...) accelerated. I remember that I've been waiting over a month until I've got a beautiful postcard from a girl I met in a Polish school for future train workers near Krakow, but it worth it. The hand writing, the questions and even the mistakes she made had human scent. Here are five songs by Beirut, Faithless, Alexandre Desplat, Mark Knopfler and The Walkmen, that will try to remind us something that might disappear soon...

Faithless Featuring Dido - Postcards (Taken From Sunday 8PM, 1998)

The Walkmen - Postcard From Tiny Islands (Taken From You & Me, 2008)

Beirut - Postcards From Italy (Taken From Gulag Orkestar, 2005)
Alexandre Desplat - Postcards (Taken From The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Soundtrack, 2008)
Mark Knopfler - Postcards From Paraguay (Taken From Shangri-La, 2004)

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