Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Anais Mitchell And Jefferson Hamer - Child Ballads

From time to time I wander in the cybernetic space in order to find new inspirations and discover music (Sounds like a Star Trek mission). In one of my last trips I discovered a wonderful album made by Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer called Child Ballads. Since I've always loved ballads and I've got my own children, I listened to the record with the promising title, hoping it would be as good as Murder Ballads by Nick Cave And The Bed Seeds back there in the 90's. Child Ballads is not a surprising development in the career of Anais Mitchell since she already dealt with Greek Mythology in her highly acclaimed release Hadestown, which was a "Folk opera" about the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. In this new project, she cooperated with Jefferson Hamer and together they chose 7 Ballads from the 307 Child Ballads collected by Francis James Child in the 19th century. The result is an acoustic folk album which help this ballads come to life again. It might be one of the under-rated albums of 2013 but who cares! I got the chance to hear this hidden treasure. Down below you can hear five songs of Anais Mitchell, three of them from the last record.

Clyde's Water - Child 216 (Taken From Child Ballads, 2013)

Young Man In America (Taken From Young Man In America, 2012)
Tam Lin - Child 39 (Taken From Child Ballads, 2013)
Flowers (Eurydice's Song) (Taken From Hadestown, 2010)
Willie Of Winsbury - Child 100 (Taken From Child Ballads, 2013)

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