Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Chemistry (Pick Word #23)

When I was a student in high school, I liked Chemistry classes because of it always seems to me the closest  thing to innovation and entrepreneurship, which always interested me. Chemistry is a branch of Physics which explains the composition, properties and behaviour of the matter. As such it depends primly on the Periodic Table, first developed by Dmitri Mandeleev in 1869, and contains right now 118 Chemical elements. Chemistry is currently used in all fields of life from medical treatment to food industries and it's expanding its boundaries rapidly. As part of Lesson For Life series, I found five songs which deals with this magnificent science by Unkle, Donna Regina, Suede, Queens Of The Stone Age and Peter And The Wolf.

Unkle - Chemistry (Taken From War Stories, 2007)
Donna Regina - Bad Chemistry (Taken From Late, 2003)
Suede - The Chemistry Between Us (Taken From Coming Up, 1996)
Peter And The Wolf - Chemistry Set (Taken From Golden Stars, 2010)
Queens Of The Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry (Taken From Rates R, 2000)

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