Saturday, 9 March 2013


Stereophonics are a four piece Rock band from Wales, which released their eight studio album called Graffiti On The Train on 4th of March, 2013. The band currently comprises of Kelly Jones (Guitar and leading vocals), Richard Jones (Bass and backing vocals), Adam Zindani (Guitar and vocals) and touring members Stuart Cable (Drums) and Tony Kirkham (Keyboards). I haven't heard full album of this band since Live From Dakota (2006), so I didn't know what to expect ,but after listening to the album twice, I realized that I missed them for to many years. The melodies are well produced, the lyrics even better and you cannot ignore the fact that they're playing so much time together, that it sounds great. As usual, I've chosen three songs from Graffiti On The Train and two tracks from earlier releases just to help you remember how good they are....

Graffiti On The Train (Taken From Graffiti On The Train, 2013)
Mr. Writer (Taken From Just Enough Education To Perform, 2001)

Violins And Tambourines (Taken From Graffiti On The Train, 2013)

Maybe Tomorrow (Taken From You Gotta Go There To Come Back, 2003)
Indian Summer (Taken From Graffiti On The Train, 2013)

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