Monday, 22 April 2013

Oblivion OST - M83 [Review]

It was pretty surprising to find out that Anthony Gonzalez of M83, was involved in the making of the original soundrack for a Hollywood film called Oblivion, which features Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. OK, I might claim that M83 became more familier to the mainstream listeners by releasing its last (and great) album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming and the hit single Midnight City, but Hollywoodian Movie, C'mmon... Well, after realizing that it's a Sci-Fi movie, directed by Joseph Kosinski, who also co-wrote it, that seems more realistic. When I started to listen to this long soundtrack (30 tracks!), it sounded like a soundtrack made by a veteran composer such as James Horner, Gabriel Yared or Alan Silvestri: Well-Composed, well-orchastrated and Dramtic for the most parts. Still, you cannot judge a film score like you're judging an album, but it seems that M83 felt like familier with this kind of work, what made it sounds like semi-M83 new album. This release gives us a chance to play some songs by this great group, so here are five of them, three from this release and two who could easily become part of soundtrack.

Album Rating: 6/10

Starwaves (Taken From Oblivion OST, 2013)
I'm Getting Closer (Taken From M83, 2001)
Oblivion (Featuring Susanne Sundfor, Taken From Oblivion OST, 2013)
Sister Part 2 (Taken From Digital Shades Vol. I, 2007)
Return To Empire State (Taken From Oblivion OST, 2013)

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