Saturday, 11 May 2013

Garbage 2.0: 15 Years To Garbage's "Version 2.0"

Back in 1999, on the edge of the new Millennium, Garbage were one of the most successful new bands in the Alternative Rock music world, led by a female singer. Shirley Manson, the Scottish redhead joined legendary producer Butch Vig (Who produced Bleach and Nevermind for Nirvana, Gish and Siamese Dream for The Smashing Pumpkins), Duke Erikson and Steve Marker to form Garbage in 1994. The first audition of Shirley Manson was a disastrous one, but networking with the other members gave her a second chance. The rest is History. Garbage released their debut album Garbage in 1995 and became successful very soon. The second album, Version 2.0, released on 11 of May, 1998, was quite different from the predecessor: It was darker, more noisy and sounds a bit different in each tracks which can be defined as ranged between Alternative Rock and Trip Hop, while using some Electronic beats. Listening to this album retrospectively still thrilling me, especialy the five songs I've chosen down here. Version 2.0 is still one of the greatest albums of 1998, even now.

Push It
Temptation Waits
I Think I'm Paranoid
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
You Look So Fine

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