Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mosquito - Yeah Yeah Yeah's [Review]

It seems that's a long time has passed since the release of glorious It's Blitz!, the highly-acclaimed third album of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's in 2009. The expectations were high, when I heard that they're going to release their fourth one named Mosquito. The release of the leading single Sacrilege, made me wait for this album even more, because of the great tempo between Indie and Dance, and the sexy voice of magnificent Karen O, the leading singer. The album cover, in contrast, was one of the ugliest one I've ever seen, but I didn't hesitate to open it and listen to the new record of this Brooklyn based Trio (Kaern O, Brian Chase and Nick Zinner). First impression: This is Not It's Blitz!, don't try to compare between them... Mosquito feels like an itch on the skin: It bothers you, you try to get rid of it, but it comes back again, buzzing even stronger than before. I don't know if it's gonna last a long time in my ears but, I can't quit listening to few songs like Mosquito, Sacrilege, Wedding Song and Under The Earth. As I said earlier, that's not It's Blitz, but you cannot stay calm, when you hear it. So here are five songs of this great band, three of them from Mosquito.

Album Rating: 7/10

Under The Earth (Taken From Mosquito, 2013)
Little Shadow (Taken From It's Blitz!, 2009)
Sacrilege (Taken From Mosquito, 2013)
Maps (Taken From Fever To Tell, 2003)
Mosquito (Taken From Mosquito, 2013)

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