Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #3 - 5 Things You Should Hear

Only lately I started to discover the magic of Bandcamp. Since it's so wonderful and contains endless creators and music styles, I decided to "dig" for some new tunes, hoping it may give you an opportunity to listen to stuff which could have escaped from your ear... so let's go...

Chandeen - Blood Red Skies

Seems that you can still hear good Alternative New Wave music made in Germany. Chandeen are working together since 1990, saying that they are inspired by Dead Can Dance, Brian Eno and Cocteau Twins what made me listen and enjoy their music as well

Eva Kinnebrew - Kinetic Friction

Eva Kinnebrew is making bitter sweet Folk songs with acoustic guitar and her soft wonderful voice. I listen to it late at night and it might be one of my favourite "Before sleep" records. She describes the album as various thoughts about travel and "home"...

There's Talk - Tiny Strands

I didn't know that there's something called Electronic Folk until I heard this short EP of this San Francisco based Trio. The voice of Olivia Lee is haunting and fits the simple production of this EP. Don't miss it!

Cavalier In Clay - Bulb [Single]

This is the first single from upcoming second album of Brady Sklar, which will be called Appalechia. Brady is making Folk Rock songs and draws his inspirations from John Denver and Johnny Cash to Wilcow and Bon Iver. I liked it and I'm waiting for the full release

Urban Rescue - Listen Empty B-Sides

This is a collection of four acoustic B-sides from an album with the same name which was released on 2012. I like the voice of Jordan Frye as well as the beautiful minimalist production of this release. Hoping to hear about them in the future

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