Monday, 19 August 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #5 - 5 Things You Should Hear

Keeping up with the Bandcamp project, I find it very joyful. Last week, I decided to "dig" for some new tunes, hoping it may give you an opportunity to listen to stuff which could have escaped from your ear... so let's go...

River Crombie - River Crombie EP

Starting our journey today in Australia, where I found the new EP by the Folk singer called River Crombie. He's making old school acoustic songs, Nick Drake like (but more optimistic...). Although it's pretty short, I found it very relaxing for the late evening hours

Two Moons - Colors

Listening to the remastered release of Two Moons called Colors made me imagine that the Gothic Rock and Dark New Wave are still alive. It seems that the guys in Swiss Dark Nights, an underground label from Switzerland are doing a great job in the revival of this music genre.

When Mountains Move - While Driving

An unknown artist from West Virginia released two songs about watching trough the window while driving. I wish I could know his name or other details but maybe he's anonymity makes it wonderful. Recommended for all the Shoegaze fans

Ulver - Messe I.X-VI.X

Ulver are a veteran Folk Black Metal band from Norway. I haven't heard about them before because I don't prefer listening to this genre. What made me listen to it was the name of the opening title: "As Syrians pour in, Lebanon grapples with ghosts of a bloody past". Like its name, this track is haunting and beautiful at the same time. The rest of the album is as great as the opening song. WOW!!

The Beautiful Word - May Not Be Love/Particles EP

The Beautiful Word are a Casio Folk Pop Trio from Brighton, who reminds me something between Belle And Sebastian and Au Revoir Simone, released a 3 tracks EP a few days ago and its words are as wonderful as the name of the band as well as the voices of Emily Bryant and Megan Clifton. Yes, they are still unsigned, please hurry up....

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