Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #7 - 5 Things You Should Hear

This record has 6 songs, 3 from each band. It's pretty amazing to find an album of two bands together, but if that helped them to pass the financing barrier so we all earn from this mutual effort. Each of them have got another inspiration but it seems like they enjoy what they're doing and it sounds wonderful as well...

Grace & The Magic Roots - I Don't Know/Here Comes The Dogs

Grace Roots has got a beautiful voice, that's for sure. She reminds me something between Joanna Newsome and Olof Arnalds, who make great Folk music with Reggae touch

Natalie Holmes - Child EP

A young singer/songwriter from Bristol, who plays magical Acoustic Folk songs. I love this EP

The Yellow Melodies - Fan #2

I haven't heard Indie Pop from Spain before, but this band from Murcia are doing it great: Melodious and joyful....

Bretvovk - Can You See Behind The Moon

Bret Vovk gathered some of his friends in a living room, put a type II bias cassette type and recorded a wonderful Bedroom Indie Folk record. For few moments it reminded me Beirut and it sounds fabulous. This musician had to be discovered and signed!

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