Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bandcamp Hunting #8 - 5 Things You Should Hear

The Second Hand Marching Band - We Will Convince You

This EP contains 4 songs by 16-22 (!!) members of a musical group from Glasgow. They play with traditional and nontraditional instruments. They've released 2 CD's so far and this is the third. I love the melodies there, so warm and peaceful...

Daniel And The Sparrows - Of Towers And Higher Grounds

Recorded in a few countries in Asia such as Singapore, Cambodia and Japan and Chicago on the other side of the world. Daniel And The Sparrows made a beautiful album, which make you feel like you're flying lightly all over the world. 
The Galleons - Cloud Physics

They might be the next thing from Brighton. A five piece band, who play Folk and Alternative music, based mainly on Acoustic instruments. Their debut album sounds like pro and their voices reminded me somehow The Delgados, try to find them in the next gig near your home

Marine Dreams - Corner Of The Eye

Marine Dreams is the moniker of Ian Kehoe, a young musician from Welland, Ontario. His new album named Corner Of The Eye is a beautiful piece of Pop mixture with Folk.
Kennedy Cult - Direct Influence

Another act from Ontario, come from Peterborough. This trio makes something they call Heartbreak Pop. It reminded me some tunes from the 80's with the Saxophone sound there.

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