Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Is This Hardcore? 15 Years Anniversary to Pulp's "This Is Hardcore"

When the Brit-Pop scene in UK emerged in the beginning of the 90's, Pulp where already there. This
 veteran Band, which was formed in Sheffield in 1978, has released 3 albums during their career until the singles from His N' Hers (1994) started to climb to the charts' high places. The next release, Different Class (1995) became very popular due to two hit singles: Disco 2000 and Common People, which paved their way to the mainstream together with Brit-Pop mates such as Oasis, Suede and Blur. Nothing could prepare the audience to the sixth studio album, which was released on 30th of March, 1998. This Is Hardcore dealt with the dark side of humanity in the modern era – lack of love (unless you buy it for money), aging, thoughts about revolution which might change the social order and other issues. Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey, Mark Webber and Nick Banks broke all the dreams of meritocracy and unveil the fake sides we adopt in order to get along in this competitive world. The album got very positive critiques in UK while totally ignored in the US, reaching #114 place in the charts. Now, it's time 
to memorize why it was such a great album

Glory Days
Help The Aged
This Is Hardcore
The Day After The Revolution

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