Thursday, 1 November 2012

Caged Animals: 25 Years To Sinead O'connor's "The Lion And The Cobra"

On the 4th of November it would be 25 years since Sinead O'Connor, the famous Irish singer-songwriter, released her debut album called The Lion And The Cobra. Back then in 1987, she was 20 years old and seven months pregnant when she persuaded the record company to let her produce her album. The result was magnificent, as you can hear below. O'Connor used Metaphors and tales in her songs which dealt with war, love, betrayal and more controversial issues. O'Connor did it in her own way and paved the way for future Irish singers like Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries. The Album sold 2.5 Million copies and got favourable critics around the world, so here are five songs from that great album from 1987.

1) Mandinka

In 5 Words: Paved Sinead way to mainstream
Favourite Line: I don't know no shame, I feel no pain, I can't see the flame

2) Just Like U Said It Would B

In 5 Words: The silence after the show
Favourite Line: I can see too many mouths open, too many eyes closed, ears closed

3) Jackie

In 5 Words: Ghostly sad tale about lost sailor
Favourite Line: And I've been waiting all this time for my man to come, take his hand in mine and lead me away to unseen shores

4) Drink Before The War

In 5 Words: Don't drink that much before fighting
Favourite Line: Oh Listen to the man in the liquor store, he yelling: "Anybody wanna drink before the war"

5) Troy

In 5 Words: The First (Under-rated) single of Sinead ever
Favourite Line: And I wondered where you went to, tell me, when did the light die

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