Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Widowspeak is an Indie duo from Brooklyn, New York which is made by the collaboration between Molly Hamilton (Vocals and Guitar) and Robert Earl Thomas (Guitar). Last month they released their sophomore album called Almanac. I think it's a good album which grows through every listening of their mixture of Indie, Dream-Pop and Shoegaze. Although they started their way as a four piece band, you can't feel that there's something missing, especially when you hear Molly Hamilton's magnificent voice. So for the ones that don't kno this band yet, here're five songs, three of them from the new album

Sore Eyes (Taken From Almanac, 2013)
Wicked Game (Taken From Gun Shy, 2011, Chris Isaak Cover)

Locusts (Taken From Almanac, 2013)
Hard Times (Taken From Widowspeak, 2011)
Dyed In The Wool (Taken From Almanac, 2013)

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