Friday, 20 September 2013

Dizzy Up The Girl: 15 Years To Goo Goo Dolls Album

The Goo Goo Dolls, an Alternative Rock band from Buffalo, New York, were playing together for over a decade and recorded five studio albums until 1998. Most of us don't remember what they did earlier, but their sixth album, Dizzy Up The Girl, became the most successful album they released thanks to a movie called City Of Angels. This movie was a remake of Wim Wanders' German movie Wings Of Desire (Which is better than the remake, of course) with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage as the main actors. The song Iris was one of the most beautiful songs in this soundtrack, which helped Goo Goo Dolls earn a lot of popularity. Dizzy Up The Girl is not a one hit wonder album. It contains few other songs that sound very nice even today, fifteen years after. For my opinion, it's the best release they made so far. Here are five songs from that album, which might help you decide...

Black Baloon
Hate This Place
All Eyes On Me
Acoustic #3

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